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Nine signposts towards Our Society

December 12, 2010


Yesterday evening I was at a community centre in Cheetham Hill, north Manchester, taking part in an event on the Big Society and equality. It can be quite difficult at such gatherings to offer a constructive critique of the Big Society idea – you are speaking to people who may be about to lose their jobs […]

What place for protest in a big society?

December 6, 2010


When David Cameron launched his vision of a Big Society back in March and again in July, it’s fairly safe to assume he didn’t think its torchbearers would be crowds of protesting students. Yet he and his courtiers should take a close look at the activists who are starting to oppose his policies, because they […]

From Big Society to Our Society

October 18, 2010


Earlier this week I was invited to give a talk on the Big Society at a housing association annual meeting. As I waited to speak, I heard the chief executive run through the achievements of the past year. What struck me was that while they included what you’d expect – numbers of people housed, properties […]