Our Society has been set up by a group of individuals concerned about interpretations of the UK Government’s “Big Society” policy.

We intend to provide a neutral space where people can explore routes to community empowerment and local service delivery, whether or not they are comfortable with labelling themselves as being part of the Big Society.

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  1. Great idea! You might be interested in some of the work we are doing with ordinary people who set up micro-enterprises in social care. Many would not relate to the Big Society label, and have in any case been doing this stuff for much longer than the present government has been on the scene. See http://www.naaps.co.uk/downloads/Cuts_or_personalisation_NAAPS_Sep_2010.pdf
    I think we can all agree that it would be nice if people were more connected, less isolated and did more to help each other. I personally believe that we have become too reliant on the state in some ways. But the party political bit comes when you say the solution to this is simply smaller government, particularly at a time when that aspiration is hard to separate from radical cuts in funding and services.

    Our experience is that we need smaller government in some areas, but we need new, different government activity in others. We don’t see the goals for choice and control for disabled and older people being achieved in a completely free market.
    My blog is at http://alexfoxblog.wordpress.com – I’ll be linking to yours


  2. Vern Hughes

    June 5, 2012

    This looks like exactly the kind of discussion about The Big Society that was needed but didn’t happen. Is it too late? Can a movement for a stronger civil society be developed outside the political process? Can a movement for a stronger civil society enter the political process directly to stop other political players from constantly stuffing it up?

    Congratulations on the initiative.


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